The Proposal 💐

Words From the Heart:

To all the Lovely Women: who deserve goOd wOrds

Here goes my poetry:

“●The day when i will propose you; will be a history within me,
I wish you will not leave any mystery within we.

●This love is of year; and year’s more it will go,
Really the first proposal is full of fear; but before you everything i can bear.

●For the very first day when you came in my sight,
On that very moment i left my whole world beside.

●Just to get your single smile; I travelled miles a day,
And with a hope; that you will never allow me to feel like hell.

●Your smile can’t say; its your treasure or its my pleasure,
But whatever; its like spring with leaf floating like feather.

●You are so sweet for me; like sugar walking on the road,
And simply my heart following you like key to the door.

●So finally my love is for you & you for me,
No matter how long it takes; true love is always worth the wait..”©

Written by – Abhishek Raj

Twitter – @abhishekrj94


Be Happy 😊

Last Seen!

People keep their eyes on your last seen, just to check whether you are still single or not!!

Yeah;i am taken, Night is just my planning session… 

Invest in yourself, its only going to give you a handsome benefit ©self

“बस तुम…”

फिज़ाओ में रंग अब ऐसा छा रहा है,
जहाँ भी जा रहा हूँ, बस तुम्हारा हीं चेहरा नज़र आ रहा है।

क्या हो गया है हमें, इतने खोये तो पहले कभी ना थें,
जब से देखा है तुम्हे, इतने कम पहले सोये भी न थें।

डर है कहीं फिर से न प्यार हो जाये,
सायद तुम्हारी वजह से हीं, फिर जिंदगी में खोयी हुई बाहार आ जाये।

तुम अभी भी हो एक अज़नबी, फिर भी करीब आने को दिल चाहता है,
जितना भी सोच रहा हूँ दूर होने को, उतना हीं करीब तुम्हारे आ रहा हूं।

तुम तो एक अनदेखी सी एहसास हो, न होकर भी तुम मेरे पास हो,
मेरे किस्मत को छोड़, तुम हर पल; हर दिन मेरे साथ हो।

प्यार,शायद इसे हीं कहते हैं, जो दो दिलो को जुड़ने न दे,
नफरत,इसे हीं कहते हैं, जो दो दिलो को टूटने न दे।।©

written by – Abhishek®™

nothing teaches more as LOVE

*Humne dosti ko pyar mein badalte dekha hai,
Par kabhi pyar ko dosti mein badalte nahi dekha.
*maine khud ko bhi badalte dekha hai,
par usse mere liye badalte kabhi nahi dekha.
*yar dost bhi sach hin bolte thein; gharwaale bhi theek hin samajhte thein,
koi dost unka;or koi beta unka
duur ho raha tha unse kisi or k liye.
*par hua kuch aisa; rooya khub raaton mein,
khub tadpa uski yaadon mein.
*jab bhi aankhen band hoti ;yad bas wohi aati thi,
aankein jab khulti to aanshuon se dil bhar aati thi.
*pata nahi;kyon usne mujhe bhi apnaya,
khilauno ki tarah khel kar mujhe v thukaraya.

all I need is YOU

I observe everything, just to go beyond its beauty and esp. to find out fault if any left out,
but whenever I observe YOU, at that time I am not a good observer because I love to be like you and with all fault and mistake I simply… want to be with you forever ever.