You Know What I Mean!

PC: Shutterstock

Each time we share a contact;
Sometimes it’s just from eyes,
Sometimes it’s from the throbbing heart and smiling face,
But each time we share much than that.

We share a simple gesture,
Yet that means a lot.
Those collisions of our repeated eye contact,
Those collisions of our repeated unsaid words.

Every feeling buried deep inside the heart,
But everytime we manage to control that fake smile pretending; to be smart.
Because we feel, like we are giving respect to others soul,
Again two flickering body remain as a single whole.

Why we don’t approach;
Why we just pretend to be that lonely ghost,
Away from the feelings;
And far more away from the loving role.

Sometimes i feel; to express every bit of my emotion,
In front of the anonymous girl.
Who is a part of my dream, for the last friday dawn,
But i end up with some messy thoughts; and classy reasons like a con.

© Abhishek


25 thoughts on “You Know What I Mean!

  1. Chandni Asnani says:

    “Those collisions of our repeated unsaid words.” This is so deeep! I loved the way you expressed your thoughts here, that eye contact, and smiles, and resisting the urge to express our feelings to the one we love secretly, haha! Beautifully expressed, Abhi. How’ve you been? 😇

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Abhi Raj says:

    Thanks for going through😊
    yup physics was a part of my curriculum,but it was same as it is mentioned here,we never had a perfect one! 🙈 …
    weird is the better version of one! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Nishita Singh says:

    The poem was beautiful. But I’m sorry for what I’m going to ask. Do you have Physics as a subject? It was the first thing that came in my head after seeing the word collision 😅

    Liked by 2 people

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