🙇I can’t just Loose

Pc: Pinterest

“Firecrackers outside my window, sky was their limit
Choking air all around, but i was just reading

Those word of yours, which were my breath

Those lovely notions of your, which were mine favourite

But now its all like, i am a burnt candle

Stiff from the bottom, shedded from the top
Love is in the heart but, fragments all over the path

Along with your memory, i cant take my  single step 

Along with your dream , i cant just loose life sematic race

Just to be stable , i will have to take you down out of my heart

Just to be as what i am, will have to forget all your fairy tales….”©self

Written by -Abhishek Raj

E-mail – abhishekrj94@gmail.com

Stay blessed😊


50 thoughts on “🙇I can’t just Loose

  1. Kavita Chavda says:

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